• No more paper forms or data entry
  • An easy way for visitors to give you their information
  • Quicker, higher volume lead generation
  • Targeted leads that have pre-qualified their interest with you
  • Accurate and complete data capture

With an integrated network of iPads at registration and iPod scanners on stands, visitors are able to share their information and preferences quickly and easily as well as enter competitions at individual stands and make specific requests for information.

For you, that means no more tedious paper work, a technology savvy solution that adds credibility to your stand and an effective way to free up your time to build real connections.

Lüp Lead Generation Scanners are not only easy to use... They’re also incredibly cost effective!

The Silver Package

This package allows visitors to quickly scan their interest at your stand so that you can stay in loop with their contact details.

  • Scanner Hardware
  • Onsite Assistance
  • Tabletop Stand
  • Live Access to Data & Insights
  • Downloadable Insights pdf and excel Format
  • Details including name, email, phone, postcode
  • Key information from registration
  • Listing in the Event Digital Show Bag

The Gold Package

Our Gold service gives you more of a heads up on what your potential customer is looking for.

In addition to the Silver inclusions, you can ask them a single question that allows you to garner more knowledge.

Silver package inclusions PLUS
1 multiple choice question on Scanner.

The Platinum Package

There are no loop holes with our Platinum package.

Ask your leads multiple questions so that you can anticipate their needs and know their interests.

Silver package inclusions PLUS
Up to 5 questions that can include multiple choice, data picker or text entry.

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To ensure your event experience is as successful as possible, follow these useful tips...

1 Display your scanner upfront 2 Have clear punchy signage to draw attention 3 Brief your crew with clear KPI's & set clear expectations 4 Have your marketing material ready for follow ups & communicate early

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