Everything we do is to enrich your event experience by creating a seamless information loop.

An intelligent use of technology based upon our deep understanding and expertise in events lays the foundation for the suite of products we offer. The combination of these products is a powerful tool that will assist you to form deep insights into your market and your visitor behaviour. This helps drive visitation and empowers you, and your exhibitors, to communicate at all phases of your event.

For you, this seamless information loop begins with cutting edge technology that puts you one step ahead of competing events. There is no waiting for data – it’s live, it’s detailed and it’s qualified enabling you to connect with your visitors earlier on.

For your exhibitors, we enhance their event experience through the simple collection of accurate visitor data that enables meaningful connections

For your visitors, we enrich their journey with seamless online ticketing and registration and a digital show bag relevent to their specific needs.

How do we enrich your event experience?

During the Event.

As a full service Event Information Strategy company, we will be on the ground at your event.

We assist your Exhibitors with their lead generation scanners, help visitors with registration and ensure the smooth running of your event. And because your data is live, you can connect with anyone at anytime with your key message.

Before the Event.

With Lüp, you can communicate with visitors as they interact with your event online.

You can promote specific activities at your event to drive visitation and create valuable touch points with visitors.

After the Event.

Stay in touch with your visitors well after the event.

Connect with visitors as they enjoy their digital show bag where you share promotions of your other upcoming events and knowledge based on their preferences and the insights gleaned from the event.

Lüp supports over 200 events each year throughout Australia.
Join other organisers and enrich your event experience...