Everything we do is to enrich your event experience.

We maximise your return on investment and free up your time to spend with the people most important to you - customers who are interested in your offering.

Through the elegant synergy of technology and Lüp intelligence, we help you build an essential link between your company and the customers you serve.

We ensure your leads are qualified and comprised only of those customers who feel an affinity with your brand or service. Collect valuable contact information and deep insights into what matters most to your potential customers.

This seamless loop is only possible through unobtrusive, simple collection of accurate visitor data. Powerful data, that if used effectively, can enable enduring connections well beyond the event.

Enrich your event experience...

Speed and simplicity gives
you the power of choice.

Our technology is cutting edge, seamless and continues to set the industry standard.

Your staff can qualify your leads before scanning or, if it is a numbers game, you can set up the scanner to allow visitors to scan themselves. The choice is yours...

Visitors want to give you their details.

Created from the ground up by our specialist team our products help you make a memorable first impression.

Distinguish your stand by offering competitions and promotions and enable your visitors to opt-in for information relevent to their needs.

Context gives your information value.

Our service doesn’t end when the event is over.

Build on the relationship you started at the event and connect while your leads are hot. You’ll have access the day after the show to your electronic copy of registered visitors who scanned in at your stand.
It’s time to connect the dots...

Over 12,500 Exhibitors love being in the Lüp
Join them and enrich your event experience...